Duterte for Mayor Only

Not even for mayor. Stop joking about women. End rape culture!

Joking about a rape victim

NOTE: Kung di kayo makatanggap ng puna ng iba, huwag na magbasa. At huwag rin magmura at magwish na mamatay ang sumulat. Pag ginawa niyo yon, totoo marahil ang mga puna sa kandidato nyo.


Pasencia na, Duterte fans, pero matay ko mang isipin di talaga puede si G. Duterte maging pinakamataas nating opisyal ng gobyerno. Higit pa sa tapang, angas, at tigas ang kailangan natin mula sa isang Pangulo.

Di puedeng maya’t-maya ay nagmumura ang Pangulo. Dapat marunong siyang magpigil ng damdamin kahit pa inis na inis na siya. Di siya puedeng magmura sa kaninuman dahil di magandang halimbawa iyon ng isang lider. Sa local, national or international mang mga gawain at okasyon, ang Pangulo ay dapat kapitapitagan sa kanyang salita at gawa. Oo, tao lang siya ngunit bilang lider kailangang ilagay niya sa lugar ang kanyang sarili lagi.

Di puedeng babaero o walang paggalang sa relasyon ang isang Pangulo. Di naman tayo sumusunod sa patakaran ng ibang relihiyon na puedeng maraming asawa o kinakasama ang ating lider. Nasubukan na natin yan kay Erap. Naging mahina ang pundasyong moral ng gobyerno niya kaya naman di rin nagtagal.

Di puedeng tamad ang Pangulo. Tamad dumating sa oras, tamad magpaliwanag,tamad dinggin ang panig ng mga akusado. Di puedeng sa sobrang pagkainip o kawalang ganang kumilos ay padalus-dalos na lng siyang magpapasya. Di sukatan ng galing ang mabilis na desisyon kung ang desisyong iyon ay minadali, di pinag-aralan. Delikadong magkamali ang naging kilos. Marami ang mapapahamak nang basta-basta.

Di puedeng paiba-iba ng isip ang Pangulo. Kailangan ay pangatawanan niya bawat pasya at bitaw ng salita. Maging sa kanyang mga opinyon di puedeng nakabase lang ito sa kung nagbibiro ba siya o nagmamadali ng sagot.

Di  puedeng basta magresign ang Pangulo kung di niya natupad ang 3-6 months ang ipinagyayabang niyang pagsugpo sa krimen. Hindi biro ang posisyon. Hinalal siya ng taumbayan. Di niya puedeng sabihing ayawan na nang ganoon na lang.

Di puedeng manakot ng pagpatay ang Pangulo. Lalong di dapat na siya ay mamamatay-tao. Puede niyang ialay ang buhay niya para sa bayan pero di niya puedeng kitlin ang buhay ninuman sa suspetsa pa lamang. May mga batas tayong umiiral. Ang Pangulo ay di ang batas. Tagapagsiguro siyang umiiral ang batas.

Kahit di kwalipikado si G. Duterte sa mga nabanggit ko. Naniniwala akong isa nga siyang lider. Di siya magtatagal bilang Mayor ng Davao City kung wala siya ng mga  katangian ng isang lider. Naging epektibo siyang Mayor. Eksaherado man o hindi ang mga magagandang puntos niya sa Davao, marami ang nasisiyahan sa kanyang pamumuno. Ngunit wala siyang malinaw na bisyon para sa buong bansa. Di nakasisigurong magagawa niya sa buong Pilipinas ang nagawa niya sa Davao, kung anuman ang mga iyon.

Iba ang lokal sa nasyunal. Ang lokal na lider ang may tungkuling pangalagaan ang kagyat na pangangailangan ng kanyang nasasakupan sa seguridad, kaligtasan , kapayapaan at oportunidad. Dahil mas maliit ang kanyang nasasakupan, inaasahan siyang laging nandyan para sa mga mamamayan.

Doon marahil mahusay si G. Duterte. Pero pasencia na po, mas maraming kahingian ang pagkapresidente. Mas malawak ang sakop. Di lang krimen o droga ang agenda. Magaling na Mayor si G. Duterte. Pero pasencia na po, di talaga siya puedeng presidente.



Why hate on a platform that delivered?


Are we that faddish as a people that we easily tire of certain things like a tagline? We will all be agog at using it at the beginning that we get to tire of it soon enough and be the ones to trash it by parodying it till it loses its real meaning. I am referring to Daang Matuwid. President Aquino rode high on this phrase in 2010 and it helped him  a lot in capsulizing his platform of good governance. The guy did not fail in the major thrusts of his campaign despite what his critics say. I hope these critics will soon sit down in impartial retrospect and give PNoy and Daang Matuwid the credit they are due. And yet there are those who extend their disdain of Daang Matuwid to Mar Roxas and even blame it for what they perceive as failure of Mar Roxas to launch. Same critics are hyped on commissioned surveys for sure and their supposed expertise in marketing products, people, and ideas. Sige na experts na kayo.

I was asked today what could be lost if Daang Matuwid is junked by the next administration. This is referring to all the noble things Daang Matuwid represented from the outset. Yes, before netizens, critics, media and satirists started making fun of and twisting the phrase to deliver their respective distrust, disbelief, and total hatred of the present administration.

I voted for PNoy because I wanted the likes of Gloria Arroyo and her ilk to be banished from government service. The feeling was similar with campaigning for Cory in the 1986 elections with the hope to end the Marcos Regime. Anyone who GMA would endorse at that time was not an option for me. I wanted one who will bring me back the hope that government could finally be rid of corruption. Only PNoy fit the bill. Only he could embody honesty, integrity, sincerity in government. He was an easy choice.

Despite lapses , PNoy delivered most of the things I wanted him to do for us, his “bosses”. He went after the big crooks, he appointed people who will clean up government agencies and started a cultural and moral revolution of sort among those in government service. He gave attention to agencies and institutions which were neglected for long and which suffered from rottenness because of the neglect. Many things have been straightened up, many are still lined up for the same much-needed reshaping/molding .

What would be cut short or totally abandoned if Daang Matuwid’s initiatives are junked by the next administration? Here are my own immediate answers:

  1. Honesty and integrity as now being perceived in the presidency and some key government institutions;
  2. Pro-poor projects in their real sense;
  3. Disaster preparedness and other admirable improvements in the agencies that handle this;
  4. Trust in government and many of the public servants who have shown they are worthy of it;
  5. Enthusiasm and willingness to cooperate and follow among the constituents who see through the positive changes;
  6. Confidence from investors and goodwill established with the international community;
  7. Care for territory and environment;
  8. Peace efforts.

There are a lot more that may be added to this list if we will just in all fairness and good judgment think of what Daang Matuwid has accomplished in the last six years. Let not our arrogance, anger, pride and what- have- we get in the way of impartially evaluating.

Junk Daang Matuwid? It may not anymore sound palatable to you given the disappointments this admin may have caused you. But for sure, many people still hold this phrase dear because of the what they believe PNoy has achieved guided by it. Mar Roxas aims to continue on it, improve it further. Don’t put the guy down because he is among those who believe Daang Matuwid worked and is still worth continuing on. You of little faith!

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MAR ROXAS: The only intelligent, conscientious choice for President. 

A cliche goes “Time flies when you’re having fun!” It was not too long ago that 2015 turned my anxiety (over my hubby’s angioplasty and my dissertation woes) into plateful of hopes when I joined a group of like-minded/principled netizens to campaign for Mar Roxas. We all admire and appreciate Daang Matuwid which has been paved (not without lapses and tears) by Noynoy Aquino and we all recognize that the gains must be continued and Daang Matuwid must progress and lead us to becoming permanently a Bayang Matuwid. The concerted effort that we unleash on Twitter daily is met with various reactions from enthusiasm and gratitude to raised brows and utter disdain. Still we have fun and before we know it, 2016 said hello and May 09 is closer than ever. It’s March and regular meet-ups on and offline have prepared us more and I say we are all #Ready4MAR !. The apprehension is still there as the enemies are getting bolder but the resolve has been greater because we know that we are the good guys supporting the right choices for leaders of the next six years.

LENI ROBREDO: The perfect match for Mar. 

God is good all the time! He has been allowing us revelations on the real colors and intentions of competition. It will be such a shame if we do not heed HIS call for righteousness to continue against greed and selfishness. We are a prayerful people and we know that even the devil believes in God, prays in churches and professes to love the poor. The devil does this while consorting with thieves and liars and murderers who are its real favorite creatures. Funny how the enemies are revealed by their own self destruction and yet many are still taken and deceived by them.

Once again, May 2016 will be a battle between good and evil, right and wrong. Once again the Filipino people will be tested by the heavens if we have learned from the many lessons sent to us through our collective experience with governments we wrongly selected and allowed to rule us. Let us not fail this very easy test of choosing our next leaders on May 9th. The correct answers are too obvious. No one in his/her right mind should fail to choose correctly.

PNoy delivered  as president much to the surprise and disappointment of many who thrive on evil deeds. PNoy wants us to choose correctly with Mar and Leni. 

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Dear Pinoys in awe of Ferdinand Marcos Jr:

On behalf of my generation, I would like to apologize for not exerting enough effort to relay to you how Martial Law and the Marcos regime really were- a very dark period in our nation’s history. I would also like to offer several reasons why many of you think Bongbong Marcos is cool and that he deserves to win as VP en route to his dream return to Malacañang.

  1. Cory’s government was too wary she’d be accused of vindictiveness and so it did not pursue cases versus the Marcoses as soon as they were banished to Hawaii. Actually, I, among many for sure, was just too happy that they (the Marcoses) were gone and we settled down to picking up the pieces of our nation which lost so much of its freedom during the dictatorship. We were happy that we could watch TV and read newspapers with content not being suppressed anymore. We were happy we didn’t have Marcos’ military threatening to arrest us at the slightest hint of unrest versus his government. We were happy the world was commending us no end for successfully toppling his regime in a bloodless, smiling revolution.
  2. Many parents who were supposed to sit you down and explain to you the atrocities of the Marcos Regime became busy working for your future, not a few of them going abroad for better pay and opportunities. I remember that my generation had parents and elders talking about the Japanese Occupation so much that the sins of Japan against our people remained vividly in our minds. The ingrained narratives were furthered by countless films and write-ups about WWII something that didn’t happen and still not happening about Martial Law and the Marcoses.
  3. Our school curriculum was even revised to give less time to history with a three-in-one subject called HEKASI which curtailed much of the time needed to study and understand our most recent past. Historians, too were not quick enough to write about the Martial Law years and the Marcoses that social media has beaten them to it with revised versions of the truth. Before we know it, Bongbong is upon us, threatening to erase one dark period in our past and regaining for his family what he thinks is their entitlement to glory. Bongbong was already an adult in the years towards EDSA 1986. He knew what was going on and was part and parcel of the dictatorship and pillaging by his parents.
  4. We elected the same people beyond EDSA and the change we wanted did not completely take place because many of us had very short memories or are too forgiving if not gullible to allow into public office some remnants of the Marcos’ Regime. Before we know it, they, the family, unremorseful as ever is back in our midst and in just a few years is back in power in their bailiwicks.

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May I request you therefore to please look into materials/sources other than what Facebook and Bongbong’s machinery offer you? Let us not commit the country to a future so dark under the possible leadership of one whose mere presence insults the many victims of Martial Law and the excesses of his family. Your generation is blessed with technology that allows for the fastest way to retrieve information. Use this to your advantage by critically sifting through the trash that revisionists peddle online. Think of the thousands of victims and the years of suppression/oppression our country had to endure. Think of the sins of this family which to this day remain unpunished. Do not allow the son of Martial Law to continue insulting us with his ambition, overconfidence, lack of remorse and arrogance.

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Read through the hashtags #NeverAgain #NeverForget . They reflect the anger, disgust, even the weariness and wariness of a major part of a dark past threatening our present and future. You owe it to your country. Know our past well so you can understand our present and prepare for our future. I would never wish Martial Law to happen on any generation so please do not wish a Marcos to happen again on any of us now and in the near future.


Please view this video produced by the Commission on Human Rights and written by Martial Law victim Ma’am Mila D. Aguilar

Our Voices, Our Stories, Our Redemption (Uncut)

Also, this from @momblogger



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Dear PNoy:

image.jpegHappy birthday po!

This is your last birthday in the Palace and I could hear your critics and enemies celebrating because they and the country would be rid of you in a few months. But many, too, I included, feel sad about it because of the uncertainty of times ahead given the options we have for May. I am for continuity . Mar Roxas , your annointed is the best person for your job. Unfortunately, he also is getting all the brickbats that your critics and enemies have continually thrown at you these past years. To a certain extent , you were at fault. One big mistake you made is insisting to regard us as your boss(es). You should have known early on that we are among the worst audiences (entertainers who travel could attest to this) and we are really difficult customers as well and certainly bosses from hell.

Even before you could warm your seat , people already were saying you were off to a bad start with the handling of the Quirino Grandstand incident even as the LGU and media then were major contributors to the tragedy. Critics wanted you to immediately swallow your pride and insisted that you apologize to HK. I was glad you didn’t. One trait of yours that I really like is your obstinacy which made people scratch their heads in disbelief but which turned out right after a while. I know one candidate who is obstinate for the wrong reasons but she’s for another write-up.

I voted for you because I know we could finally rid our government with the likes of Gloria, etc because you have the courage to run after them. Your mother, during her term, was way too careful with the Marcoses lest she be accused of vindictiveness, and so we’re still stuck with them with no less than Marcos Jr insulting our collective memory and suffering everyday. It’s a good thing to blame the previous admin for the problems as you didn’t just blame, you did something to solve them. Your critics of course don’t like that and would rather look at your speeches as tirades and would rather count the instances you allude to your predecessors. Same people probably who would rather move on than dwell on the ugly truth of Martial Law and other dark periods of our recent history.

You see, they didn’t expect you to do well. After all, you were just catapulted to the presidency by the renewed sentimentality over the Aquinos after your Mom died. I felt that, too but more than mourning your Mom’s passing, I wanted GMA’s influence  ended. I wished for sincerity and real concern for the country to finally take precedence over other traits a presidentiable must have. This diploma-, achievement-conscious country didn’t see much in your performance in Congress. I remember a former teacher commenting “di ka katalinuhan” but you studied in a great school and was raised by great parents. I was for sincerity and real love for the country. You offered these and you consistently showed it despite what others say to the contrary.

There were those who immediately took back their support as soon as they realized you aren’t there to party with them and give them what they thought was their prize for campaigning. There were those who thought they could take advantage of you like they did your Mom in the past. I noticed that you have learned so much from being Cory’s only son. You noticed a lot of things as presidential son then. You remembered them and was smart enough not to commit them-both people and mistakes.

I understand each and every decision you have made as President, especially the unpopular ones. I don’t know why but maybe it’s because I know you are clean, honest and sincere and that despite some lapses , you are the best president this country has had in recent memory. You chose equally upright people to work with you. You have had bad appointments but the good ones outnumber them definitely.

I understand perfectly why you don’t visit calamity areas as soon as weather permits or lead the arrival rites for fallen soldiers at Villamor. You are not a limelight president. You don’t go for photoops at the expense of victims. Some people don’t get that as they are used to politicians and leaders coming in with relief goods bearing their likenesses and names and hugging widows and orphans at wakes. Media likes these. They make good teleserye-like banners and copies. They can’t understand that your own personal experiences have taught you to go beyond the traditional gestures and SOPs.

One thing that made appreciating you difficult is media’s lack of love for you. You didn’t give them FOI but that is not enough reason for them to be continually miffed unless they, like many of your detractors, lack the sincerity and love of country their profession requires. But you know that many Filipinos appreciate what you are and what you have achieved for this country so far. Funny how some quarters are threatening you lawsuits as soon as your term ends. Nobody takes them seriously because they couldn’t be as angry with the real thieves/criminals led by your own VP. Meanwhile, your ratings remain good. The silent majority appreciates you.

I hope you will tell Mar Roxas not to call us his BOSSes as well if and when he becomes next president. Despite the fact that the president is a salaried public servant and that the people elected him into office, the President must be treated as leader and colleague in good governance . He should not be a bully and should not be bullied as well. We could demand he fulfill his campaign promises but he should not be crucified each time an opportunity to do so presents itself. In 2010, I was very proud that we chose well and we had you elected. I thought: finally , the heavens decided we deserve a better president. I hope that even after not a few among us have made being president difficult for you, the heavens would still think we deserve  another shot at good governance and would allow a Mar Roxas to continue with what you have started.

Happy birthday po, PNoy! Salamat ngayon pa lang. Gantimpalaan sana ng Panginoon ang iyong mga pagsisikap at pagmamahal sa bayan ng isang panalo para sa ating lahat kay Mar Roxas .

Dear Nognog

imageBilib din naman ako sa iyo. Nagamit mo pa sa sarili mong ads ang mga salitang iniisip mong bansag sa iyo ng mga kalaban mo. Kundi ako nagkakamali sa kampo mo mismo galing ang panlibak na Nognog. Di kasi gawain ng ibang kandidato maliban kay Duterte (na kakampi mo naman) at Miriam (na tahimik ngayon at Ingles ang gamit) ang mang-insulto. Well, si Grace, iniinsulto ang COMELEC pero ibang isyu iyon.

So, inaassume mo na makakaidentify sa iyo ang mga Nognog at Pandak na kahit nilalait ay sige pa rin ang pag-angat at pagtulong. Ito yung imahe na gusto mong patuloy na makita ng mga tao at hindi ang tunay na Binay na nalantad kasabay ng paglabas ng mga ebidensiya ng katiwalian mo at ng pamilya mo. Naitago nga kaya ng madalas mong mga ads ang totoong kulay mo at totoong taas ng tingin mo sa sarili?

Ayon sa survey , ikaw pa rin ang nangungunang kandidato. Bukod sa pagbaha ng mga Nognog ads mo ay ang sipag mong inikot ang mga lugar kung saan walang kukwestiyon kung nasaan sina Baloloy at Limlingan habang nagbuboodle fight kayo. Nag-eenjoy lang sila sa panandaliang pagbisita mo at sa mga tradisyunal na pangakong binitiwan mo. Ikaw yung isang paboritong kamayan at pakinggan ng maraming mamamayan. Ninong lang ang peg. Kaway-kamay, kamay-kainan, akbay, yakap, buhat ng baby at pangako ng hearing aid at pustiso. Yung isang karakter na enjoy ang tao ay yung palamura, barumbado, at bastos ang kamay at bibig. Ngunit kayo nga ba ng kaibigan mong kandidato rin ang kailangan ng bansang ito?

Kung magpapakatotoo ka lang at ang pamilya mo, alam niyong sobra-sobra na ang iniunlad at iginanda ng buhay niyo mula nang maitatag ang kaharian nyo sa Makati. May naitulong man kayo, mas malaki naman din ang nawala sa kaban ng bayan. Ang hindi ko maintindihan ay kung paano kayo nakakaharap sa bayan, at patuloy na binabalewala ang mga imbestigasyon at ebidensiya. Sadya nga bang makapal ang balat ni Nognog at  di abot ng tanaw ni Pandak ang katotohanan?

Ano ang nagawa mo bilang bise presidente, Nognog? Bakit Makati lang ang naipagmamalaki mong napaunlad?  Uunlad iyon kahit sino ang Mayor. Nandun ang sentro ng pananalapi at kalakalan. Ang swerte mo nga sa iyo naibigay ang OIC position dun pagkatapos ng EDSA Rev. Ang husay mo, di mo na binitiwan.

Ano ang nasa isip mo at inaambisyon mong maging presidente? Natsambahan mo lng naman ang maging bise. Kulang pa ba ang yaman mo at kapangyarihan? Lumalaki ba ang pamilya mo at kailangan ng mas malaking kaban? Anong pinakain mo sa mga anak mo at wala silang nakikitang mali sa inyong pagyaman nang ganyan?

Di siguro malakas ang loob ng mga nakakasama mo sa mga boodle fight at pangangampanya. Tikom ang bibig at nahihiyang itanong ang tanong ng bayan. Nognog, Pandak! Binay , paano ka yumaman?

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Saan, saan ako nagkamali?

images (4)

Ang lyrics na ito mula sa 70s singer na si Tillie Moreno (eto ang link to refresh your memory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWVhNWRoU2k) ay paboritong sambit ng mga taong nagkamali sa sagot sa exam, sa pagpili ng significant other, at sa kung anu-ano pang blunder sa buhay. Sa ngayon, nasasabi ko ito sa sarili ko dahil may ilang mga lider natin  ang sa aking palagay ay pagkakamaling nailuklok sa puesto ng ating mga boto.

Kung paniniwalaan ninyo ang maiingay sa social media at sa press, sasabihin niyo sa akin na kay PNoy at kanyang mga kasama applicable ang mga salitang iyan. Para kasi sa mga mainipin, madaling magsawa at manghinawang mga boss ni PNoy, marami siyang di natupad o di nagawa. Kamakailan nga pati yung di niya pagpapasagasa sa tren ay seryosong finollow-up ng mga taong ewan kung paano naaatim na humiling ng kamatayan ng iba.

Anyway, ibinoto ko si PNoy at makailang ulit ko na ring sinabi at di magsasawang sabihin na di ako nagsisisi sa pagpili sa kanya. Simula noong 2010 hanggang sa huling araw ng kanyang termino ay buo ang aking tiwala, kasiyahan at suporta sa ating Presidente . Sanay na ako sa mga batikos laban sa kaniya. Sa bansang ito,  ilang buwan lang ang tinatawag na honeymoon ng bagong Pangulo at kanyang nasasakupan. Mainipin nga at walang kasiyahan ang iba sa atin. Parang mga batang nagmamaktol kapag di agad nabilhan ng kendi o laruan.

Ang tinutukoy kong pagkakamali ay sa pagboto sa ilang pulitikong inakala kong magrerepresent ng aking mga pangarap para sa bayang ito. Magaganda kasi ang mga background nila at akala ko ay kalakip ng mga iyon ang matapat na pagmamahal sa bayan.

Sa Senado ako maraming disappointments. Sa kasalukuyang Senado. Una na riyan si Grace Llamanzares. Basahin niyo na lang ang aking post na Dear Sen. Grace 1 and 2 dahil naipaliwanag ko na kung bakit nadidismaya ako sa ating Senadora. Ikalawa ay si Chiz Escudero na inakala kong president material bago mag 2010. Ramdam ko ang kataksilan niya sa bayan nang inendorso niya si Binay noong 2010. Ang kanyang lantad na pag-aambisyon sa ngayon ay labis na nakakaalarma at nakakadismaya. Sumunod ay si Koko Pimentel. Bar topnotcher, anak ni Nene na aking iginagalang. Pero ewan at si Duterte ang kanyang ipinagpipilitang mahalal. Nariyan rin si Sonny Trillanes. Marami ang nagsasabing bugok siya mag-isip pero gusto ko ang tapang niya laban kay Gloria Arroyo noon kaya sinuportahan ko ang kanyang kandidatura. Ngunit si Grace ang gusto niyang maging pangulo at ayaw niya sa Kto12. Ako nga, apektado ang trabaho ko ng Kto12 pero suportado ko ito, siya pa na dapat ay nag-iisip ng mga pangmahabang panahong programa para sa kabataan ang hindi? Dismayado rin ako kay Bam Aquino dahil sa SET vote niya kamakailan. Pero bata pa si Bam at alam kong kaya pa niyang bumawi sa blunder niyang iyon. [Humabol na si Serge sa listahang ito. Nakakadismaya ang mga pinagsasasabi niya.]

Dismayado ako sa mga senador na nabanggit dahil ibinoto ko sila. Yung mga di ko nabanggit, wala pa siguro silang matinding kasalanan o kasi nga di ko sila ibinoto at doon naman ay tama ang desisyon ko. Di ako bilib sa magkapatid na Cayetano. Lalo naman kina Pogi, Sexy, Tanda, Gringo, Sotto, Nancy at Bongbong. Dismayado akong walang hanggan sa mga bumoto sa kanila.

Sa Mayo 9, 2016, kakaunti ang pagpipilian para sa bagong 12 senador na bubuo ng mataas na kapulungan. Nauubusan na ba tayo ng maihahalal? Sa laki ng populasyon natin ay pare-parehong sikat na mga apelyido ang atin lang napipili?

Kung ayaw niyong kantahin ang lyrics ni Tillie Moreno sa sarili niyo pagkatapos ng ilang buwan, wish ko lang ay huwag masama sa iboboto niyo ang para sa akin ay di dapat maging senador: yung boksingero, yung aktres, yung SAF officer, yung mga naging senador na pero di naman naging mahusay. Kilatisin mabuti. Mahirap magkamali. Anim na taon yan ng ating buhay. Sa HOR naman kung saan marami ang pasaway, utang na loob, pakialaman ang performance ng inyong mga representative at desisyunan nang maayos kung sila’y karapat-dapat pa ng inyong suporta.

Sa pagkapangulo  at pangalawang pangulo, malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw ang dapat ihalal. Huwag magkamaling iluklok ang kurakot, ang mamamatay-tao, ang Amerikano, o ang mahusay at mataray lang mag-Ingles (maysakit siya baka di na matuloy). Konsiyensiya at pagmamahal sa pamilya at sa Bayan ang magsilbing gabay natin sana para di tayo magkamali.




On the SSS Pension Hike Issue (By Joyce Talag)

I always strive to keep an open mind that will allow me to be constantly curious and critical when needed. When PNoy vetoed the SSS pension hike, I had to view the issues from two perspectives: 1. as a future pension recipient with years of compulsory contributions; and 2. from a fund management standpoint. The latter required reading as much as I can on the issue, which included reading and listening to those who dissent the veto.

My takeaway is that it seems imprudent for the government (on behalf of SSS) to commit to a pension increase that will be immediately applied when the current revenue sources (and collection efficiencies) are insufficient, thereby compromising the future of some 33M active contributors. IMO, pension increases have to be programmed and UNDERTAKEN IN PHASES using a rather simplistic two-pronged approach: INCREASE THE REVENUES and REDUCE OPERATING EXPENSES (OpEx).

To increase revenues, SSS *does* have to *further* increase collection efficiency and interest income from all its investments. SSS has to exercise the strictest prudence in investing its funds because of the nature of its purpose and also because of its size; SSS’ movements can “warp any market.” However, this is not to say that the SSS has been remiss on the above-mentioned items for action. The gains and the initiatives presented in the 2014 SSS Annual Report accessible online attest to this.

On reducing OpEx, we question the compensation and bonuses of SSS executives, forgetting that PNOY CASTIGATED government owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) in his 1st SONA and took a hard stance against granting executive bonuses for about five years. We have to note that SSS executives are probably earning significantly less than their counterparts in private companies and that the government has repeatedly issued disallowance memos to SSS. We cannot expect all these SSS problems that have accumulated over the years to be solved by people paid with ‘peanuts.’ We need the best fund management and insurance experts who can manage the BIGGEST INSURANCE COMPANY IN THE COUNTRY—-and sadly, they are all in the private sector where the compensation is attractive.Please note as well that per its charter (RA8282), the SSS must not exceed 15.5B on OpEx in 2014. The SSS only spent HALF of it.

So, in summary, there is a middle ground to the SSS issue. Pension increases have to be carefully studied and programmed, and the government was right on track when it granted a 5% across-the-board pension hike in 2014, notwithstanding ALL the other PRO-SENIOR CITIZENS PROGRAMS that the Daang Matuwid have made possible.

In 2009, Mar Roxas successfully passed Senate Bill 3061, exempting senior citizens from paying 12% EVAT on purchases of medicines so it won’t anymore diminish their 20% discount privilege, while granting greater incentives for drugstore owners who would faithfully comply. I get the sense that this is the kind of level-headed thinking that must prevail in every decision that affects the Filipinos and that would have its own compromises and consequences.

Meme Making

I just discovered how memes are made and in a few minutes this morning, I was able to do some. Here they are with brief explainers for each:


I saw the latest TV ad of Sen. Grace Llamanzares last night which had ordinary people talking about how brave she is in pursuing her case and how the SC would possibly favor her like they did in FPJ’s case in 2010. I think that is a huge act of disinformation. We all know FPJ’s case was different from that of Senator Grace’s. He was not a foundling and his citizenship question was due to the fact that his mother was an American.  FPJ, too, did not pledge allegiance to the US flag even if he had an option to do so. I am not in favor of using the dead for propaganda but I think FPJ must be turning in his grave at how his daughter is using his memory to the hilt.


January 25 is looming and Sen. Grace (Yes, she is every where, no thanks to the local media who likes to showcase her in every way possible) is set to reopen a case that needs some rest if only for the souls of the 44 plus involved and the families they left behind. But no, the shamelessly ambitious in connivance with some senator who has muddled our history as a nation for a long time already, wish to gain much from the expected mileage the first anniversary of the tragic incident would get. I wonder what these senators have done so far for the families of the dead and the survivors beyond using them for grandstanding.


Another political TV ad is to me so politically incorrect in using the pejorative Nognog. Of course, the VP who is yet to attend any of the inquiries into his massive corruption cases would rather that the ordinary people relate to him in color of skin and in the experience of being poor. Color of skin here though could actually be metaphor for dark intentions or voided conscience and being poor refers to his spirit. We should stop political ads that manipulate the poor. We know that politicians running for national posts despite some past experience of being materially deprived are in no way poor now or at least they don’t lack “friends” who pay for those advertisements.


And Binay’s ads seem to be working well because his ratings are up. That is very sad and foretells gloom for us in the six years. God and a sane electorate forbid.

lord-bakit-ang (1)

It is more and more frustrating that a big part of the population don’t read the papers anymore. Many just glance at the headlines and conclude or form opinions if at all. A great number actually just like to base their take on issues on what prominent but irresponsible news personas say on TV and radio. In social media, where supposedly more educated people lurk, the resistance to clicking a link and reading beyond the headlines is stronger. That’s why memes are popular.



Many in socmed also fall prey to full time hate-tweeters who like to harp on otherwise temporary incidents and make it appear that this country under the present government is the worst place ever. Same creatures like to use memes to mislead, disinform, twist, and spin facts which the uninitiated, the naive, the unthinking, the lazy , the agenda-driven and the equally vile feast on.

This is the craziest election season I have witnessed so far.

Para sa Bayan

imageAsk yourselves today, less than four months to      choosing whether to continue with the path of good governance or hang on to a promise of unclear change, who among the presidentiables can honestly say what he or she has done, is doing and will do is for the country and its people.

It is not enough that one has done good to a city which would prosper anyway whoever leads it owing to the fact that it’s the country’s financial center. It is not enough that one promises to follow in on the footsteps of an otherwise non-political dad whose main claim to a space in the Pinoy’s heart was his acting career. It is not enough that one mouths threats of extinction to petty criminals when big time ones remain free to do as they wish. It is not enough that one is quotable in her wit and acclaimed in not mincing her words when she insults people she thinks have non-functioning brains.

I have often said that having been through several presidents from Marcos, it is only PNoy who afforded me peaceful nights and hopeful days as a family woman and professional. The little contribution I make via my hard earned taxes did not go to government and non -government pickpockets. It is only PNoy who made me appreciate government projects again despite the temporary inconvenience they cause because I know they will be finished soon enough and money won’t be wasted. It is only PNoy who made me really proud to shout I am from the Philippines and am a Filipino. I have become a fierce defender of most anything that stood for us while others continue to complain, whine, pull down this country and people.

There is so much to be done but the best thing is we have started and are on track. Must we forget the journey and go back? Why restart when we can just continue on with the gains?

Ask yourselves if the whining and complaining you continue to do is for the country’s benefit at all. Or you are being your characteristically impatient citizen who remain cynical of whoever is voted into office? Despite this, must you punish the country by choosing wrongly again from among the brazenly corrupt and the shamelessly ambitious? You have one vote. The next six years is no joke considering what we are poised to lose if that one vote is mired in your obstinacy to appreciate what we have so far gained after we ,by God’s infinite wisdom, were able to choose correctly in 2010. Ask yourselves if that one important vote of yours is really “para sa bayan”.